Chat Scramble Game (PHP) MCPE Plugin

Chat Scramble Game (PHP) MCPE Plugin

THE #1 Scramble Minigame for Pocket Edition
Works 100% with most Pocketmine Server forks (Clearsky, Tesseract, etc) Tested on PMMP and Tesseract

- Full setup (including 10 words easily add more via config)
- Src zip for easy editing aswell as Phar
- Fully Configurable Config : Allowing easy word changing and unlimited words to be unscrambled.

How it works:
- There will be a word scramble in chat every 30 minutes (can be changed)
- First player to say correct word in chat unscrambled will win 2-10k in-game money
(MUST HAVE ECONOMYAPI plugin€¢onom¥.30/ )

💼Legal Information📜

Due to the "non-returnable" digital nature of these items, we are unable to offer refunds for builds purchased from our shop for any reason. If you are having issues with your build after purchase, please contact us BEFORE opening a dispute with the Payment Processor and we will attempt to work out the issue with you to the best of our ability. However, in the case that the issue is not solved to your standards or expectations we are still unable to grant a refund as there is no way to receive a "return" from the buyer. All payments are final. We are not responsible for lack of security on our buyers' end that results in unauthorized purchases, these cases are not eligible for refund.
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