Guide Modification Competition of the Fiat X1/9 X19 Manual service workshop repair

Modifications of the type described
herein are not suitable for vehicles licensed
for street use. They will also render
the vehicle illegal for street use, as
Federal law restricts the removal or modification
of any part of Federally required
emission control systems. Further, many
states have enacted laws with various penalties
for tampering with, or otherwise
modifying, any required emission or noise
control system.
Though SCCA General Competition
Rules have been taken into account in
the preparation of these recommendations,
it is the responsibility of each individual
owner or driver to ensure that his
car conforms to the SCCA rules. Neither
Fiat Motors of North America nor its
dealers can be held responsible in connection
with any protest or disputes resulting
from illegal modification of parts.
Fiat vehicle and parts warranties are
voided if the vehicle or part is used for
competition or if they fail as a result of
modification. Competition parts or assemblies
described herein as offered by
PBS Engineering or any other vendor are
sold "as is" without any warranty whatsoever.
The entire risk as to quality and
performance of such parts is with the
The information contained in this volume
has been prepared by PBS Engineering
of Garden Grove, California at the request
of Fiat Motors. In it, PBS makes
available to the SCCA competitor the sum
total of many years of experience in the
preparation for racing of Fiat cars. It is
our hope that this information will be of
value to those who compete with Fiat
XI19 automobiles. Clarification on the
methods described, if needed, should be
obtained directly from PBS Engineering.
This book is not intended as a substitute
for the shop manuals and guides
that Fiat Motors makes available for the
servicing of its products. It is written to
be used in conjunction with such manuals
and guides.
Fiat Motors wishes you the best for
success in your competitive efforts with
the XI 19.
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