The Terrors of Space: Sci-Fi Production Music

An intense sci-fi themed piece of cinematic music. The track is grounded with a deep abss throughout played by a mixture of distorted synths and orchestral strings and brass. Overtop of this ground bass is a long melody, led by the french horn (brass) and building over the course of the track and growing in intensity.

This music is ominous and atmospheric, designed for phsycological science fiction projects.

3 versions included:
"The Terrors of Space" complete: 2:14
"The Terrors of Space" complete: 2:14
"The Terrors of Space" short edit: 0:49

112 BPM

This music includes a standard Royalty-Free License. For extended licenses (for broadcast or more than 10,000 physical copies) please contact the author.

16 bit 320 KPBS .MP3 and 44.1 .WAV files included

Included License:
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