You wanna see good skating, blood, lifestyle, pain, bullshit, dob4 is made for you.
Two years of filming in a 1 hour vidéo, and you don't gonna waste your time, i promise.
During those two years we filmed everywhere in france and also in different Europe country.
Our goal? trying to put on fire every spots on our road!!!

dob4 is a friend vidéo, we all share the same passion, rollerblading and partying.
featuring Virgile Dos Santos, Victor Daum, Zahir Hanaizi, Gaston Michel, Damien Gerard, Ronan Algalarrondo, Gregory Breger, Mathieu Kerhornou, Fabien Elettro,Théo Leblay, Fabien Rivière.

But also lot of differents skaters from France like Maxim Iangaev, Victor Le Grand, Romeo Stocchi, Lucas Spenle, stan Kogutyak, Tom Thieuleux and many more.

After seeing dob4, for sure, you gonna grab your skates and shred your town!!!!
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