iski - p2u - monster pup ⭐ EXTRAS UPDATE

The "p2u" stands for "Pay to Use"!


The new update includes:

  • New muzzles

  • New ears

  • Hairstyles

  • Chest option

Colour and make your own character(s)!
In this p2u base you will receive a PSD file and a SAI file with lineart and base of a monster dog with muzzle detail, handpaw detail, buttocks/tail detail and footpaw detail shots.

The design shown in the preview is available for ONE purchase here:


You may not re-distribute the PSD/SAI/flats/lines.
You can use my "p2u" for designing your own adopts/characters to sell.
You may edit my lines however you please. (I use a standard marker brush in SAI)
You must give credit (something like "base by iski @ FurAffinity")

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