Hotel security

Hotel security

Prepare a formal paper explaining the need for hotel security. Include the following: 

Address the physical safety of guests staying in a hotel: In what areas of a hotel might this be an issue?

Discuss identity theft--including credit card, financial, and personal information--and how it may be prevented.

Describe at least two other security issues important in a hotel with regard to protecting a guest.

Explain how hotels have changed security in response to elevated terror alerts.

Discuss at least one new trend in hotel security. 

Write a formal paper answering the questions. You final edited and proofread document should be no less than 350 words in length. 

Your paper should include a formal introduction followed by your discussion and a conclusion section. Headings should be used. You may include as many headings and sections as you feel appropriate to explore this topic.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include citations for each source that you utilize in your assignment. 

Note: Points will be deducted for assignments that do not meet the minimum number of words. I typically use MS Word® to calculate word count so please be sure your paper meets the minimum requirement.

Citations must be included in your paper. Include citations for each source that you utilize in your assignment.  You must review any websites indicated in the assignment for information and note your findings. You may also need to use some of the other resources discussed in our reading material. In some situations, it will be appropriate to use other reputable resources to prepare a well-written paper. You must include citations for each resource listed in your reference section.

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