BIOL 101 Individual Assignment 2 Liberty University complete answers

BIOL 101 Individual Assignment 2 Liberty University complete answers

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LUO TA and liberty university professor guide versions all the solutions are here.


Your Question: What’s my problem? Is it ADD or ADT?


1.      Your Hypothesis: State your hypothesis based directly on the above question.


Your Experiment: Keeping your same diet, sleep habits, and basic activity level, you will be sent on a two-week vacation to the Bahama Islands. You will be given only a beach to walk on and your favorite friend to talk to, following which you will be asked to read and memorize 10 sequential definitions from a standard dictionary in 30 minutes.


2.      Your Control for this Experiment: You get a numerical result for the number of definitions you memorized. What does that number mean? Nothing—unless you have a control for your experiment. What is the most obvious control for this experiment?


Major Hint: The study guide for Quiz 1 indicates where this topic is covered in your text. The two figures in that section give you valuable examples. Remember, the initial question and experiment are provided here. Be careful to provide what the assignment is asking for.


Your assignment:


1)      Write out a testable hypothesis in a brief sentence. Derive it from the question asked above. (Be certain that the experiment addresses it!)

2)      In a second sentence, describe a basic, critical control situation (additional experiment?) that will give validity to the experiment described above.

Number your sentences with “1” and “2” and do not use paragraph form. The sentences must not be submitted as an attached document, but entered into the text box provided.
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