Studio Workstation #1 (Item #STU-009) (English units, inches)

Features: 17U, 38+ CDs, 1 bookshelf, 25" desk height. English units (inches). Space for 4 rack units on the left, placed at a comfortable viewing angle, plus a bookshelf below. Space for 6 rack units on the right at an angle, plus space for dozens of CDs and 3 additional rack units (or a CPU) below. Space for two keyboards, studio monitors (speakers), 4 additional rack units above to the right, plus a monitor right at eye level. Requires two 8x4 3/4-inch plywood sheets (or the metric equivalents at 2440x1220, 19mm). The plans PDF file includes eight pages of detailed drawings, with measurements, parts lists, enlargements and construction notes. Two pages show the layout templates for plywood sheets and will provide a milling shop with everything they need to cut the pieces. One page for each major component shows 3D rendering plus front and side views with measurements. Another page shows a 3D rendering of the completed piece with parts indicated, and the last page shows the completed piece with front, top and side views and measurements in inches or millimeters, depending upon the version you download. File size: 1.25MB. You'll need: 2 sheets plywood (8' x 4' or 244cm x 122cm), 2 6U rails, 4 4U rails, 2 3U rails, 8 leveling feet. (Parts not included.)