Beyond the Basement Door

An HP Lovecraft-inspired short film from Jason Huls & Ten Wing Films, featuring Steve Christopher, Daniel Roebuck (LOST), Richard Pryor Jr & Brenna Lee Roth!

Alistair, a genetic researcher, saves his own life from cancer by making a pact with some dark and dangerous people. The secret lies with whatever is making the odd sounds in Alistair's basement. The deal he made forbids him to go down there for three matter what he sees or hears. His sanity, his life, depends on it.

As the line between reality and delusion fades, Alistair struggles with nosy neighbors (Richard Pryor Jr.), a rival ex-boss (Daniel Roebuck, LOST) and haunting images of a lady in blue. Getting out of the house only makes his anxiety worse. With each passing hour, an urge to open the door slowly chips away at him...

Will he be able to resist? What's making all that noise beneath the floorboards? How is Alistair connected to the lady in blue and what is beyond the basement door?

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