PART B Critical Analysis Paper - Becoming a Registered Nurse

assignment requires you to choose and critically analyse an issue that you have
identified as being important to you as a beginning registered nurse. Building
upon your e-journal entries and readings, this assignment requires that you
read further around your issue of interest and critically analyse the
literature to consider the implications for your practice. This section of the
assessment allows you to demonstrate that you are able to independently
construct new understandings of the course content and demonstrate an ability
to translate evidence based knowledge into practice. You will choose ONE e
– journal entry from one of the six (6) weeks that you will analyse in more
detail. You must choose a topic from your e-journal that relates to one of these
entries. Using a scholarly approach you discuss the issue in detail and explain
how this will help you begin to transition to professional practice.


Please use this: (E-portfolio)


Issues of retention and attrition
underpin workforce supply and demand. What are some of the factors which may
cause a registered nurse to stop practising in the health care industry?


Nurses who work in rural hospital
remain in demand to stay in current profession as lack of staff working in the
area, thus recruiting new staff and retaining current staff would be difficult
as acknowledged by (Yates et al. 2011). Therefore, staff who work in the
industry for a long period of time would have more skills than new staff member
as this enable them to move from one ward to another. Senior nursing staff
would undergo certain expectation from hospital they work and multitask at the
same time in different department at workplace as acknowledged by (Yates et al.
2011). However, this has cause the numbers of senior nursing staff members to
be stress due to job overload in the workforce as mention by (Yates et al.
2011). Lastly, nurses who dissatisfied with wages, shift work, also poor
relationships between hospital and employees have the tendency to quit their
job as acknowledged by (Ma et al. 2009).



Ma, JC, Lee, PH, Yang, YC &
Chang, WY 2009, ‘Predicting factors relate to nurses intention to leave, job
satisfaction and perception of quality of care in acute care hospitals’, Nursing
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Yates, K, Usher, K & Kelly, J
2011, ‘The dual roles of rural midwives, the potential for role conflict and
impact on retention’, The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice,
Scholarship and Research
, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 107-113.

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