Magnetic Personality MP3

New Product

Magnetic Dynamic Personality 10 Minute Neuro Linguistic Programming Audio Subliminal MP3

Gentle Ocean Sounds In High Theta Waves.

Driving A Vehicle Or Using Any Types Of Machinery Is Not Recommended While Listening To This Powerful MP3.

Please Consult Your Doctor Before Listening If You've Experienced Seizures Or Have A Pace Maker

Having Charisma A Dynamic Personality Is Not Just About Making Friends Or Influencing People.

The Building Of A Personality Beyond It's Normal Limitations.

Lifting A Person's Vision To Higher Sights.

The Raising Of A Person's Performance To A Higher Standard.

Voiced Commands Slightly Below The Ocean Waves,

I Am Charismatic

I Am Easy Going And Fun To Be Around

I am Charming And Appealing To Others

I Radiate A Warm And Friendly Attitude

I Have A Pleasing Tone Of Voice

Calm Friendly Soothing Caring Cheerful Easygoing and Kindhearted

I Am Unique And Have My Own Personal Style

I Go Out Of My Way To Help Others

People Find Me Fascinating

People Like Being Around Me

People See Me As A Positive Personality And Force

I Am Very Happy Being Me And It Shows

I Have High Self Esteem

I Am Powerful Whole & Complete Within Myself

I Have The Ability To Lead, Persuade, Inspire And Influence People

With My Positive Energy

I Thrive In Social Situations

People Are Drawn To Me And Find Me Irresistible

I Like People And People Like Me

I Have A Powerful Presence

Cool Confidence

And Irresistible Charm

This Brings A Healthy And Permanent Change In My Life

People Love Me And Accept Me For Who I Am

My Ego Is In Balance

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