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Demand Your Visitors Attention, Tap Into Missed Sales, And Practically Force Your Prospects To See Your Message With The Latest Cutting-Edge Technology... IM Popup! 

What you need to create effective popups is a something new. Something that is just as effective as a traditional popup, but smart enough to not fall prey to popup blocking technology. That is exactly what IM Popup does! 

You see, this new method of creating dazzling popups doesnt create a new window of any kind. In fact, its actually part of your web page itself! 

Using IM Popups you can rest assured that your message will show up when you want it and create the impression you so desperately desire. IM Popups bypasses the popup blockers and will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your messages will be seen... 
Quickly and Easily Create Unblockable Popups (Even if You Know Nothing About HTML) 
20 Built-In Templates, Customizable and Ready-to-Go. 
Create Delayed Popups for Maximum Effect. 
Deploy Exit Pops to Grab Attention Before Visitors Leave for Good. 
Embed Affiliate Links Directly Into Popups. 
Fade-Out the Page Behind the Popup (LightBox Effect). 
Works in All the Major Browsers (Even Safari on the Mac!). 

If you want your visitors to know about it, IM Popups are the answer. You can use IM Popups to make sure your visitors know about: 
Your Products Most Important Feature - Highlight it in a popup and it will really make an impact! 
Special Discounts Or Promotions - Everyone loves a sale, but only if they know about it. 
An Important Endorsement - Build credibility from the minute a customer hits your website! 
Contest & Sweepstakes Announcements - Who doesnt want to be a winner? 
Product Updates - Displaying an updated last week message will skyrocket your sales. 
Reminders - Let your prospects know that a new product is coming, or that a sale is ending so theyd better act fast! 
Opt-in List Building - Tell your visitors about a free gift and your list will grow by leaps and bounds. 
Traffic Control - Have an old domain thats still getting traffic? Make sure your visitors know where to go! 
Up Selling & Cross Selling - Include an IM Popup on your thank you page and grab your buyers while their credit card is still on the table! 
Affiliate Product Promotion - Let your prospects know about new product launches the minute they get to your site. 

Are you starting to see the doors that will open to you when you start using IM Popup? No longer will the door be slammed in your face, it will be flung wide open showing your visitors your most important message within seconds. 

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