Healing Past Trauma: Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is a sensory relaxation process that can allow you to become more aware of your feelings based on the sensory experience of an emotion. his is especially relevant for survivors of trauma. The mind and body are strongly connected as you will be able to see while experiencing this guided meditation. When your mind expresses an emotion, your body will react and feel a sensation, wherever it may be. Becoming more aware of the connection between an emotion and the physical sensation can dramatically help your psychical and emotional well-being.
When a person goes through a traumatic experience, this connection is disrupted and we may only be able to feel and express certain emotions well and others not so much. This Meditation will help guide you through several feelings and emotions in a safe and secure manner and help with your emotional awareness. At the end of the guided meditation, you will guided down into an even deeper relaxation while will help you become very comfortable and fall fast asleep if you choose to. Enjoy
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