Coming Out Straight MP3

This MP3 Is For:

  • those who struggle with SSA

  • those who have loved ones with SSA

  • therapists and ministry leaders looking to help those with SSA

In this groundbreaking Coming Out Straight CD/MP3 teaching series read and taught by Richard Cohen, you will learn about the potential causes of same-sex attraction, the four stages of healing unwanted SSA, and guidance for family members and friends. Laced throughout the CD/MP3 series are powerful stories of transformation, some read by Cohen and others presented by the men and women themselves. 
This landmark CD Series contains new information about the process of change, new insights about the meaning and causes of SSA and new stories of transformation. A bonus disc is included with tracks from the Counselor Training Program on: Causes and solutions for masturbation; How to share about one's SSA with straight friends and family members; Healing power of healthy touch; and Preparing for dating.
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