Asteroid Race - iOS game, easy to reskin!

SUPER easy reskin--flip this app around in less than an hour! The "endless runner" style gameplay of this game has been market-proven to give successful app flippers a 100% ROI in no time, and PURE PROFIT beyond that!

Inspired by 2 Cars (from the "super-casual" game goliath, Ketchapp), Asteroid Race is a BIG graphical and gameplay improvement to what was the #1 game in the Free category for iOS games! Ketchapp regularly churns out #1-ranked, top-grossing games (like Jelly Jump), and now this game is available to you!

Control two spaceships simultaneously, collecting space energy and dodging asteroids. If you miss an energy or hit an asteroid, you lose. The game gets more and more difficult as your score gets higher. It's incredibly addictive, fresh, and is impossible to put down. Try it for yourself! Download here:

What are you waiting for? Download the source code now!

- Monetize using Chartboost, Revmob, Vungle, and IAP (remove ads). Just plug in your campaign IDs and you're DONE--full integration after 5 minutes of work!
- Ads appear often enough to generate you revenue, but not often enough to annoy the user. You are able to modify this in the code very easily by choosing to show ads after every "n" number of deaths (n = 2, 3, 4, etc).
- Share your score on Facebook, Twitter, and the Game Center.
- Built-in Appirater, already set up to appear after a few app startups--your reviews will pour in automatically! You are able to modify this in the code very easily by choosing how many startups and/or days elapsed since install before the user is asked to review.
- The game difficulty is fully optimized to be easy in the beginning, and steadily get more difficult as the score increases. If you want to modify this for any reason, you are free to do so by changing 1) how often objects spawn, and 2) the incremental speed increase per point.
- Full creative freedom to re-skin the game and create an immersive new experience! It takes 5 minutes to replace images.You are able to easily modify the speed of the background transparencies to create very cool "movement" effects, all separately from each other. This speed scales seamlessly with the game's overall incremental speed increase per point scored.

When you purchase this source code, the documentation that comes with it will tell you everything you have to do. All the things you need to change are in only 2 places: game assets folder to replace sounds and images, and in the configuration file in the code ("const.h") to plug in your ad networks and Game Center link. It's that easy!
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