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If you have ever wanted to...or have tried to...stop smoking. Your answer is finally here. In honor of The Great America Smokeout, this valuable set of recordings (normally priced at $ 49.95) are being offered to you for a substantial 50% savings - just $ 24.97.

AND...your results are GUARANTEED That's right. Download and listen to these recordings as instructed for as full 6 MONTHS. If, at the end of the those 6 months, you do not feel that you have achieved the results you desired you can request a full and complete refund of EVERY penny you invested. get to keep the recordings. How's that for a guarantee of satisfaction?

Your audio recordings will be available to you immediately upon receipt of your investment. Your package will consist of 2 separate recordings. The first will help you to understand how the entire process of hypnotherapy works, specifically the process of helping you overcome your smoking habit. The second recording is the actual stop smoking hypnosis itself - a very, very powerful and effective tool to help you achieve your goals. Below is just one of many letters I have received from satisfied clients, testifying to the effectiveness of my methods.

AND REMEMBER.... your results are GUARANTEED Download and listen to these recordings as instructed for as full 6 MONTHS. If, at the end of the those 6 months, you do not feel that you have achieved the results you desired you can request a full and complete refund of EVERY penny you invested. get to keep the recordings.

While a personal session in my studio normally costs up to $ 200 per hour, for just $ 24.97, you can experience the same results in the comfort of your own home.

This was what my client Kevin McAllister had to say about his results from using my techniques... Hi Jim, Not sure if you remember me or not. I came to Minneapolis on business a few years back (I believe it was in 2002) and came to you for a massage session (which was absolutely the best EVER, btw). During the course of my massage I asked you about hypnosis to control smoking. I am a massage therapist here in Charlotte and one of things that sometimes offend my clients is when they show up for a session and my house smells like cigarette smoke.

It's not only my house, but my clothes and my skin. My smoking is actually the cause that my boyfirend and I ended our relationship about 12 years back. He couldn't stand to be sleeping or kissing an ashtray anymore. You'd think would be impetus enough for me to quit. But I guess it wasn't. Anyway, since I had a week there in Minneapolis, I came back to see you a couple days after my massage session to get my first hypnosis session with you. Don't know if you remember or not but I had been smoking since puberty and 3 + decades of that filthy habit had taken its toll on my life in so many ways, physically, financially, emoitonally, etc.

Anyway, after my introductory hypnosis session with you, I thought I had seen some kind of progress - I was actually cutting down to about half of what I was previously smoking. But I STILL had the urges and the chemical dependency. So when I went back to Minneapolis the following year I scheduled 3 sessions with you over a period of the two weeks I was there.

After my second session that trip (my third session with you) I began to notice a significant difference in my desire to smoke. That was the time you gave me a sheet of paper with the statements that you had me repeat while I was under hypnosis with you. I took that sheet of paper back to my hotel room, And just like you said, I got a notebook and every couple of waking hours I did the thing with the button on my shirt and each time I did, I repeated two ro three (or more) of the statements you had given me. Each time I did, I began to recall things from the session that i somehow forgot - or repressed and each time I did that I felt less and less of a need to have a cigarette.

So I think it was 2 days after that second session (third time seeing you) that I cam back to your for my 3rd session that trip. That's when you did the thing while I was under the hypnosis about washing the dishes. Well, I didn't have any dishes to wash at the hotel (obviously) but as soon as i got back home here, I made it a point to wash my dishes by hand instead of putting them in the dishwasher. THAT was the thing that did it. On either my third or fourth day back home here, i was standing at the sink that night and I was doing the dishes thing - repeating the statement you told me and touching each dish to the rim of the dirty one before I washed it - and somewhere about the 10th or 11th dish, glass, whatever, the urge to smoke totally left me.

I am very happy to say that was one year ago today and I have not had even the slightest urge to pick up a cigarette since. Your "Jedi Mind Trick" thing finally set in! Today I am happier, healthier and even financially better off because of you.

Guess what? I am coming back to Minneapolis next week and i would be delighted if you are in the area and if you would time to let me take you out to dinner somewhere. i would also love to have another massage AND I have a coupe of colleagues in the Twin Cities area I would love to refer to you as both hypnotherapy and massage clients. Would you be open to any or all of that? In any case, I would love to see you again my dear Jedi friend.

Please let me know and hugs ot the kitties for me. if you are still offering the multi-pack specials on the hypnosis sessions, I would love to purchase one of the 5-pack specials and offer the certificates to one of my colleagues in Minneapolis who has been a big help in my career over the years. Can I do that?

Thaks Jim. Hoep to hear from you and so hope to be able to meet with you during my trip to Minneapolis next week. Hugs and happiness. You are special Kevin


Do yourself and your loved ones a BIG favor. Take this first step to a healthier, happier lifestyle. You deserve this!

Another successful client:
Hi Jim,
Just wanted to wish you well and thank you for the very effective hypnosis sessions I had with you last year.

I had never been hypnotized (to the best of my knowledge) before and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect during my session.

You made me to feel quite comfortable and relaxed at the very onset of my session.

I was both fully aware of what you were saying during both the introduction session as well as my follow-up session the following week - yet - it was more than that, it feel kind of like your voice and your "energy" were "singing" (for lack of a better term) to an inner part of me - almost like you were giving a loving talk to a child.

I know that after my introductory session with you, I did have 2 urges to smoke during the week interim before my second session with you - the first I was able to resist, the second not so successfully.  :-(

When I returned for my second session with you and you did that technique with me looking into my bathroom mirror that just hit home.  THAT was so very powerful for me.  Immediately after I got home from that session when I returned home, I went right to my bathroom mirror and did that technique you taught me.  I stood there in front of my bathroom mirror and started crying - that's how powerful that technique was!  I haven't shed tears since my second wife passed away almost 20 years ago.

It was amazing.  It's almost like my body - and my mind - went through an actual transformation at that very moment.  And I knew - I just KNEW - that I had crossed over that threshold that you spoke of.

I called you about a month later and shared my success with you via telephone and asked if I could have a refund of my unused session package fees as I felt I no longer had immediate need of your services.  You quickly agreed and promptly refunded them to me as you agreed upon our first meeting.  A true testament to your word of honor.

This has been ten months ago and I have not had a single urge or craving to smoke since.  You ARE a "miracle worker."

You have my permission to use my letter of testament in any way you feel will help others overcome that filthy, costly, debilitating, 40+ year habit.

I praise the day I was referred to you by your massage client, John.

Many thanks,

And yet another client success story...

Hi Jim,
Sam here.  We met a couple of months ago when you and Kevin Mueller (with whom I had made arrangements for dinner) dined at the restaurant in downtown Minneapolis during my visit there.

I hope you don't mind that i wrote and asked Kevin for your email address.  I just had to share something with you.  That night at the restaurant, I had made a comment about how much I had tried to quit smoking over the past couple of years and had absolutely no success with any of my attempted methods.  You had asked me if I had ever tried hypnosis and I told you I had on several occasions, but non of the sessions ever worked for me.  I related to you about the one hypnosis guy I went to here in Dallas who had me sign a a contract for 14 weekly sessions at  100 each week, and even after all that, I still saw no effect from his efforts.

So that night at dinner, you asked my permission to do something to help and when I agreed, you reached across the table and clasped your right hand around my left wrist.  With your left hand, you reached up and touched the center of my forehead.  As you did, you simply said, "any time you have the desire for a cigarette, just touch the center of your forehead with the forefinger of either hand and say "I have clean, healthy lungs".  And that was it.  I remember a slight sensation of something pulsating as you touched my forehead and then a gentle warmth from your finger.

I have to be honest with you and tell you I thought it was a bunch of "hooey."  I actually had to stifle a laugh because I thought, how could something like that work when I have spent literally thousands of dollars on a whole bunch of techniques - and none of them even came close to working?

Well, Jim - it's been more than two and a half months now - and here's how it went down.  After I got back to my hotel room that night, I had a urge for a smoke.  But I did what you said and I lit up anyway.  Couldn't stand the taste of the cigarette. I was like it was smothering me. But I finished it anyway - glutton for punishment, whatever.  Then, just before bed, I had another "urge" for a cigarette while I was outside the hotel taking a walk.  I repeated what you had taught me and even before I had lit the cigarette in my mouth, I had absolutely no desire for it anymore.  Just tossed it in the ash can - unlit.

I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and (as I usually do when I have middle of the night bathroom needs) while in the bathroom, automatically reached for a cigarette.  When I realized what i was doing, finger to forehead just like to said and said to myself "I have clean, healthy lungs."  At that point something happened inside of me.  I am not exactly sure how to explain it.  But the mere thought of putting that cigarette in my mouth almost sickened me.  I was totally repulsed by the very thought of it.

Jim, I have not EVEN had an urge to smoke a single time since.  Whether it was hypnosis, or magic or some kind of Jedi mind trick - whatever it was - it worked.

Thank you Jim.  I wish I had met you years - and thousands of dollars - ago.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me back my health and my life.
Sam Viola
P.S.  You have my permission to share this testimonial of your skills and talents to anyone you think might benefit from it.
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