The Internet: Revolutionary Change

Topic 1: The Internet: Revolutionary Change? 
Changes to business enterprises in response to the commercialization and growth of the Internet are often seen as by-products of revolutionary change. 

A. Why is the Internet viewed as a revolutionary change?

B. Describe some of the attributes of revolutionary change brought about by the Internet and their impacts on security.

Topic 2 – What is Cybersecurity?

Revolutionary change often creates a paradigm shift. Given a new paradigm, it would be beneficial to redraw the cybersecurity landscape, critically assessing how the problem of cybersecurity should be defined.

What exactly is cybersecurity? Is it a function or task? Is it a strategy? Is it about crime? Is it about national security?

Topic 3: Asymmetric Threats
This week we are reviewing responses to an asymmetric threat.
A. What is an asymmetric threat?

B. Describe some dynamic approaches for defending against an asymmetric threat.

Topic 4: Westphalian Model Advantages at Global Level
Not only must asymmetric advantages be countered domestically, attackers often originate from
outside the United States. Given that situation, describe how the Westphalian model would aid
cybersecurity at the global level.
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