PSY 210 Complete Class

Product DescriptionPSY 210 Complete Class All DQs ,Checkpoints and AssignmentsIntroduction To Psychology Why We Do What We Do PSY 210 Complete Class PSY 210 week 1 Research MethodsCheckPoint: Research Methods Complete Appendix B.Post your response as an attachment. PSY 210 Week 2   Checkpoint Skills Assessment ActivityThroughout the text, Psychology and the Challenges of Life, you will find an assortment of tests that sample a broad range of skills, abilities, and traits. Although these exercises allow a glimpse at aspects of personality, the results must be interpreted with caution. Complete the self-assessment, Will You Be a Hit or a Miss? The Expectancy for Success Scale, on pp. 53–54 of Psychology and the Challenges of Life.Write a 200- to 300-word response, considering how employers and fellow team members might use this instrument at work. Is this test reliable? Is it valid? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of a test that attempts to measure skills, abilities, or traits? PSY 210 Week 2 day 7 assignment personalities theory activityComplete Appendix C.Choose two or three of the personality theories discussed in Ch. 2 of Psychology and the Challenges of Life. Write a 350- to 700-word response comparing and contrasting the theories you have chosen.Post your response as an attachment. PSY 210 Week 3 Day 5 CheckPoint Reaction to Stressors APX DCheckPoint: Reaction to Stressors Complete Appendix D.Post your response as an attachment. PSY 210 Week 4 Day 5 Effects of stressYou are currently an associate at an advertising agency where you have worked for 2 years. You are pursuing a promotion to the position of advertising executive. Whereas you have expected to put in extra hours and some added responsibility as part of earning the promotion, your boss has increased your workload significantly, including some projects that had been assigned to other associates. You have more deadlines than you think you can meet, plus the pressure of creating new and innovative material for your campaigns.PSY 210 week 4 day 7 assignment Psychology and Health ProblemsReview Figure 4.3.Summarize the multifactorial model and how it relates to the diagnosis of illnesses.Select two health problems discussed in the text.Explain what role psychology has played in understanding and managing these health problems.Post a 1,050- to 1,400-word, APA-formatted paper as an attachment. PSY 210 week 5 Conformity ResponseExercise: Conformity Response Complete Appendix E.Post as an attachment. PSY 210 Week 5 day 7 persuasion and conformityCheckPoint: Persuasion & Conformity Scenario Write a 200- to 300-word critique of the response assigned by your facilitator. Include a summary of the decision stated in your assigned response, whether or not this response has made you see the scenario differently, and your critique of your classmate’s rationale. Post as an attachment. PSY 210 week 6 Day 3 Challenges Adolescence through adult hoodCheckPoint: Changes from Adolescence through Adulthood/Parenting Styles and Development As people mature, they change physically, cognitively, and socially. A clear understanding of these developmental changes allows people to better understand themselves.Complete Appendix F.Whether children are exposed to an authoritative, authoritarian, or permissive parenting style may have a great influence on how children handle challenges in their lives.Describe how three adults, each brought up under a different parenting style as a child, might cope differently with one of the changes listed in the table in Appendix F.Post a 200- to 300-word response. Note: Post this CheckPoint as one attachment to your Individual Forum. PSY 210 Week 6 Parenting Styles and DevelopmentWhether children are exposed to an authoritative, authoritarian, or permissive parenting style may have a great influence on how children handle challenges in their lives.Describe how three adults, each brought up under a different parenting style as a child, might cope differently with one of the changes listed in the table in Appendix F.Post a 200- to 300-word response. PSY 210 week 6 The Sexual Response CycleAssignment: The Sexual Response Cycle Review the sexual response cycle located on p. 445–447 in Psychology and the Challenges of Life.Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word APA-formatted paper summarizing each phase of the sexual response cycle for males, females, and commonalities for both males and females. Include a brief description of any sexual dysfunctions and common methods of treatment. Post your paper as an attachment. PSY 210 week 7 Sternbergs Theory of LovePSY 210 Week 7 Checkpoint Sternberg’s Theory of Love Appendix GPSY 210 Week 8 Psychotherapy Biomedical and psychotherapy are two basic approaches to treating psychological disorders. A number of approaches fall under the category of psychotherapy, but they all include the following four essential characteristics: Systematic interaction between a client and a therapistBased on psychological theory and researchInfluences a client’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviorUsed in treating disorders, adjustment problems, and to foster personal growth Explain, in a 200- to 300-word response, the biomedical approach as well as the psychodynamic, humanistic-existential, behavior, and cognitive approaches to psychotherapy listed in your text. PSY210 week 8 psychological disorders PowerpointCreate a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes. Summarize how psychological disorders are classified. Include the role of the DSM IV. Your presentation must have at least one slide for each of the following major classes of psychological disorders: Anxiety DisordersDissociative DisordersSomatoform DisordersMood DisordersSchizophreniaPersonality Disorders Describe the major characteristics and suspected causal factors for each class of disorder. Post as an attachment.PSY210-Week-9-Final Project-Case Study Reviewcase studies 1 and 2 in Appendix A.Choose one case study from Appendix A.Complete the following questions in 150 to 200 words each. Be as detailed as possible and use the information you have learned throughout this course.Apply the APA style guidelines.What are the causes of stress in Michael’s or Jennifer’s life? How is stress affecting Michael’s or Jennifer’s health?How are these stressors affecting Michael’s or Jennifer’s self-concept and self-esteem?How might Michael’s or Jennifer’s situation illustrate adjustment? How might this situation become an opportunity for personal growth?What defensive coping methods are Michael or Jennifer using? What active coping methods might be healthier for Michael or Jennifer to use? Explain why you would recommend these methods.Select one theory of personality and use this theory to tell Michael or Jennifer how this theory explains his or her situation.In what stage of development is Michael or Jennifer and what factors about this stage might be affecting his or her perspective of this situation?What relationship factors or considerations might be influencing Michael’s or Jennifer’s problems?
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