Animated Social Media Handles.. in 360! + Tutorial

Ever wanted to add stylish social media animations to your 360 videos?

This graphics pack includes SIXTEEN animated social media handles, as well as an exclusive tutorial from yours truly about how to customize them with your own personal details and adapt them to your 360 videos.

The handles included are:
- Instagram (x2)
- YouTube (x2)
- Facebook
- Facebook like
- Twitter (x2)
- Email
- Website
- Linkedin
- Pinterest
- Google +
- Whatsapp
- SoundCloud
- Skype

In my tutorial you'll learn not only how to customize the animated handles for your 360 videos, but also for your regular 16:9 video projects! Which means you get double. the. value.

I'm editing in Adobe Premiere in the Tutorial, however FCPX users can repeat the exact same steps in Final Cut Pro to achieve the same result.

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