You shall obey. My personal pack with EVERYTHING I use to design. Really helpful for almost any type of design.
Examples of work being used : maxdesigns.portfoliobox.io
Contains: Flares (10) Misc (25) Textures (27) Trippy (19) Tech/Glitches (13) Plexus (21) Nature (11) Space (11) Fonts (8) Smoke (21) Sparks/Particles (20) Explosion (11) Glow Abstract (39) Fractal Abstract (26) Paint Splatters (23) Backing (18) Team Particles (10) Team logos (12) (Look at promo video for more insight)
If you have any questions or difficulties don't be afraid to ask me via twitter: @Obeyflame_ skype: flamedesigns
Thank you, and enjoy the pack.
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