Corporate Disruptor

You know, maybe we don't need enemies."

"Yeah, best friends are about all I can take.”

--Bill Watterson, Calvin, and Hobbes

You feel you're surrounded by fools and jerks. 

And if you were surrounded by only clones of yourself, you might still feel pretty much the same way. Such is our fate as members of a fickle, vain and insecure human race. But there are ways to endure this fate without resorting to actions that can be punished by our legal system. In some cases, there are ways not merely to survive but to thrive.

Here’s a magical way on how to handle your rivals, critics and other villains in your life:
Do you want to bring down the company where you work?

As anyone knows that the success of a company depends on its employees but few know that the utter demise of a company depends on only one employee. That's right! Thanks to the Power of Radionics you can use the radionics operations to hastily end your place of employment.

I have the bell of the corporate disruptor tool to be a powerful Radionics weapon design to take down large corporations from within. Using their own energy against them these large corporates in it to tease will kill themselves without you being involved.

This is not a toy.

This is a powerful reality hacking tool that Evens the odds in favor of the little guy. Helps the underdog to win over impossible odds. Destroys devastates alleviates powerful corporations from doing harmful things to their customers and their employees who they have wronged.

This is specifically designed to destroy corporations protective barriers that they hide behind to penetrate their fortress of protection so that they are naked and vulnerable the same way as the people that they mistreat.

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Take back your god given power

Destroy a corporation from within
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