Legal and Ethical Aspects of End of life

This is a Discussion post, Single space entire paper, APA format for all citations and references..
Scenario: An elderly male was rushed to the emergency room reporting severe chest pain and shortness of breath. Shortly after his arrival at the emergency room he became unconscious and pulseless. CPR was started. When the family arrives one daughter states her father has an advance directive appointing her as his health care proxy; she has a copy of it in her purse. She indicates her father did not want to be resuscitated if his heart were to stop. However, one son and another daughter argue that since CPR has already been started it should not be stopped. Another son supports the daughter who is their father’s health care proxy.

In your initial post discuss legal and ethical implications for the RN in this circumstance. How does the RN provide care to the patient and family to meet all needs during this stressful event? Discuss how it may be impossible to meet all family members’ need
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