SCI 201 Week 1 Placebo Effect


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1 Placebo EffectPlacebo EffectPlacebo EffectClass, Because at least
30% of subjects receiving placebos demonstrate the desired response, such as
decreased blood pressure, decreased pain, and faster healing time; Conventional
prescription drugs must demonstrate in clinical trials that they produce the
desired response more frequently than placebos. After reviewing
this video and podcast:

 Placebo Surgery     And reviewing the learning activities,The Science
Behind the Placebo Effect, PNI and the The Placebo Response Occurs Outside of
Conscious Awareness
 Please respond by
creating a new thread to this and Discuss:

  1. What does the placebo
    response (effect) indicate about the power of the mind–body to

  2. What does this tell us
    about how the mind and body interact and create change?


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