Imperfectionist - for TAL Sampler

In the vein of my previous Dystopia sample pack for the TAL Sampler I present another 80 patches of dark ambient textures, pads and keys, dubby stabs and dirty, sub-heavy dusty basses. If you enjoyed Dystopia then you should enjoy these.

360Mb of fresh, original samples sourced from field recordings, vintage analog, modern digital - processed, re-synthesised and generally painstakingly mangled and mashed then left in a dusty attic for 6 months.

These samples have then been lovingly assembled using the various DAC models of the TAL Sampler to add crust, grit, crunch, dirt and artifacts into a set of patches suitable for dark, dubby, bass-orientated genres; ambient, experimental, dub-techno, D&B etc.

Please follow the install instructions in the README carefully.

These 'fOcus' packs are fairly small but a great deal of work and a lot of love, from weeks to many months, of sound design, synthesis and field recording goes into each pack, despite this I'm aiming to keep the price affordable.

Thanks again for your purchase, it's a small company and your support means a lot.
All the best,
EmptyVessel Sound Design.

Somewhere in Otago, New Zealand.
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