274 Miss BlackJess revving in pole dance shoes and barefeet

Miss BlackJess, wearing an all black outfit, gets in her Ford Fiesta. What's her plan for today? What does she have in her mind for you?

She quickly changes her boots with something that gives you a hint on what it will happen later.  Something more transparent and less closed.

Then she turns on the radio, tunes it in a Freeek George Michael song, gets out of the car and starts showing you her feet in her amazine pole dance shoes.. and you have a front row seat! Are you ready for something different than the usual revving? This is her special present to you!

After heating up the whole environment she gets in the car and starts showing you the aggressive revving side of her! She wants to keep you concentrated! She  also wants you to feel as well how good this engine is, and she wants to feel the vibrations of the engine barefeet after you felt the ones from her sexy pole dance shoes!

She really loves her Ford Fiesta, bus the loves it more when the revs are high and the car shakes and vibrates!

She also wants to show you that she is a real Pedal Vamp Miss and that she can be the best one!
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