patient safety

Be sure you address each point as completely as possible.

·       Describe a patient safety issue within your organization (medication errors in the nursing homes)

·       Compare the way your organization addresses patient safety issues with the concepts, principles, and practices that contribute to quality improvement and patient safety.

·       Analyze the legal and ethical consequences of not addressing the issue.

·       Recommend evidence-based interventions to address the patient safety issue.

·       Explain how technology can be used to improve the issue.

·       Identify possible organizational barriers to change (budget, vision, technology, or others).

·       Describe strategies to overcome organizational barriers to change, based on your knowledge of the organization.

Your completed assignment should be 8 pages in length not including title page and reference page, and include references and citations to at least 5 scholarly and professional supporting resources. Be sure you follow APA guidelines for format and style.

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