Money Alchemy e-Book (ISBN: 978-0-9946591-0-1)

Shift your thinking and reality around money with the easy to follow processes in this book. Learn how to change your relationship to money and increase its flow.

An inspirational & holistic approach to wealth creation focused on ‘where you are’ and ‘where you are going’. Money Alchemy will help you clarify your vision and its attainment using creative and energetic tools. Approaching money as energy, you will discover and transform deeply rooted beliefs and attitude and create a profound change in thinking and resonance around wealth. You will open up the flows of money energy and expand your wealth radiance with the use of practical tools that help focus wealth flow.

Money Alchemy will lift readers lightly and humourously on to their own magical wealth carpet. The results will astound!

Money Alchemy is an energetic book that will change your life!

I have done lots of transformational work over many years and yet the processing in your books has the ability to take me to places I have not yet been and need to go. I put you up there with all the current great self-development teachers/authors - a few of my favourites include Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck, De Martini and now Kiki Theo!” Karen Henwood

Kiki Theo is a wealth catalyst. An innovative entrepreneur, she combines an extensive business background including over a decade in her own fund management company, with her lifelong study and practice of metaphysics, mindfulness, and Jungian psychology.

A wealth expansion expert, Kiki is the author of Money Alchemy and numerous holistic wealth training books, the creator of Money Energetics®
processing and the founder of Wealth Works Institute.

Kiki’s unusual style of inspiration, down-to-earth directness, quirkiness and business savvy have earned her a strong following of entrepreneurs worldwide, who credit her as the catalyst for their ongoing success.

Total pages: 244
ISBN: 978-0-9946591-0-1

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