HIS 206 Week 3 Final Project Framework

We anticipate that this assignment will take you 7.5 hours to complete (this may vary by student).  This includes time for research, reading of outside materials, critical thinking, writing, revision of text, and reflection on the topic.  You should expect the assignment to be graded and returned with feedback from your instructor no later than Sunday at 11:59PM following the due date. 
In order to fulfill all parts of this assignment, you must complete and submit the Week 3 Assignment Worksheet. This assignment is meant to help you get your Final Project started by:
• Focusing on your topic.
• Determining the direction of your project by writing a thesis statement.
• Choosing the events that you will discuss in your Final Project.
• Locating the sources that you need for your Final Project.
To complete the worksheet, address the following points:
• Pick a topic.
• Choose four specific events related to your topic.
• Locate two primary sources and two secondary sources.
• Write a thesis.
On the worksheet, you will find links to examples and explanations for all parts of the assignment. If you need more help, you may want to look at a sample completed worksheet to help you get started.
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