MTH 214 Week 5 Quiz

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 MTH 214 Week 5 Quiz


Please complete the week 5 quiz.

MTH 214 – Quiz 5




How many batting lineups are there for nine players of a baseball team if the center fielder must bat fourth, the second baseman must bat third and the pitcher last?


Two dice are rolled together. What is the probability of rolling a prime number?


Students compiled data for an experiment. Their data consisted of the multiples of 3 between 1 and 100.  Find the mean, median, upper quartile and lower quartile of the data.


If the measure of each interior angle of a polygon is 176 degrees, how many sides does the polygon have?


Find 7°39’46” + 5°24’33”.


A person 6 feet tall casts a 15 foot shadow on a building. How tall is the person who casts a 10 foot shadow on the building?


Solve the system: 2x + 3y = 18


4x – 5y = 14




Find the surface area of a right circular cone with radius of 5cm and height of 12cm.


Find the volume of a right square pyramid with height of 6cm and side length of the base of 8cm.


Given the line y = 3x – 2 and the point (2, -4), find the equations of the lines parallel and perpendicular to the line above.



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