acc 410 extra credit essay assignment-Catres Debnam


This is an extra credit opportunity worth a maximum of 50 points if required to allow you to combine both activities for the maximum allowable 131 points.  Each response is worth 5 points.  Any combination of responses to reach the maximums point value of 50 is permitted.  This means you can answer one or more questions or issues in one chapter and skip other chapters altogether as long as you provide 10 responses.  Responses should be properly organized in Chapter-Topic-Response format for easy identification of each response. 


ESSAYS (CHAPTER 6)—Provide a brief, but fact-based response to one of the two issues/questions below. 


1.   The citizens of a defined geographical area of the City of Sale authorized a special assessment to be levied on their property to finance the reconstruction of the sewer system infrastructure that serves the area.  The City will solicit bids, oversee reconstruction, issue the debt in the name of the City, and service the debt.   The  City does not guarantee the debt but the City will collect the special assessments and make principal and interest payments to the bondholders.  Discuss the appropriate accounting for the construction phase and the debt service phase of this project.  Justify the required accounting and financial reporting for these two phases of this project
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