Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU) from various workflows to Denon's Engine Prime

DeCU is now fully compatible with Engine Prime 1.1


Current version 3.16 as of February 13th 2018.

The Denon Conversion Utility is  a software suite instead of just a single app. 

Buying DeCU will get you:

  • The Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU) to convert from various workflows to Denon Engine Prime and the SC5000 player

  • The Denon eXtractor Tool (DeXT). Export history and prepare list from an SC5000 USB disk as text files. Converts all playlists, the history and prepare list to Rekordbox including cues, loops and the beatgrid.
    Reset played state of all tracks on the disk.

  • The iTunes Rekordbox Collection Backup Tool (CBT) to backup all tracks contained in a Rekordbox.xml or iTunes xml to a single folder. Regardless of the track's original storage location. CBT is also available as seperate app.

DeCU can operate from various sources as a base for it's operations

  • Rekordbox prepared CDJ USB drive

  • Rekordbox collection 

  • MixVibes Cross DJ collection or selected playlists saved as Rekordbox.xml

  • Native Instruments Traktor collection or selected playlists converted by the DJ Conversion Utility to Rekordbox.xml

  • iTunes collection optionally with tracks containing Serato tagged cues and loops

The usage of different sources can be mixed on the same Engine Prime collection. 

Rekordbox prepared CDJ USB drive as a source

  • That USB remains fully compatible with Pioneer gear and software. No track tags or Pioneer data is modified.

  • Cues and loops will be converted to Engine Prime with their names and colors.

  • The bpm, key, date added, star rating and first beatmaker will be converted to Engine Prime

  • There will be no duplicate tracks files on that usb. Engine Prime/the SC5000 will use the same tracks as the Pioneer platform.

  • The converted data and tracks will not become part of the Engine Prime collection of the Mac you run the conversion on. 

  • Rekordbox folders and playlists are translated to Primes nested crates.

  • The USB becomes fully searchable on the SC5000.

See the conversion in action at:

An Rekordbox.xml as a source (=Cross DJ and Traktor converted collection)

  • Cues and loops will be converted to Engine Prime with their names and colors.

  • DeCU will convert key, bpm and the first beatmarker to Engine Prime.

  • DeCU will not interferer with any tags, cues, loops or any other data as set in the original collection, they remain 100% where they are. 

  • All folders and playlists are translated to crates in Engine Prime maintaining their nesting structure. Optionally you can convert to Engine Prime playlists which have their track order as it is in the Rekordbox.

  • If you use colors for your cues in Rekordbox DeCU will give the converted cues the closest available color in Engine Prime color space. Alternatively DeCU can assign a fixed unique color to each cue/loop so they are quickly identifiable on the SC5000's pads.

  • The Conversion can be run partially and as often as you like. DeCU will make sure there are no unintended duplicate tracks in your collection.

  • If you don't need the cues and loops you've set in Rekordbox or the tracks are already part of the Engine Prime Collection then processing time is very fast. This feature can be used to quickly (re)create playlist/crate structures.

  • Before writing to your Engine Prime collection DeCU will automatically create a backup if the previous backup is older then 24hrs. 

iTunes collection as source.

  • All folders and playlists are translated from iTunes to crates in Engine Prime maintaining their nesting structure. Optionally you can convert playlists to Engine Prime playlists which keeps the track order as it is in the Rekordbox playlist.

  • Only takes seconds if tracks are already part of your Engine Prime collection.

  • For users of both Serato and iTunes this provides some delivery methods of Serato cues and loops not available otherwise, such as modifying cues in Serato and delivering these modification to Engine Prime for tracks that are already part of the EP collection.

Dj’ing in the year 2017 
Within the Denon Prime ecosystem the disk that stores the Engine Prime collection is technically the same disk you connect to the SC5000 player. This makes syncing or packing of USB disks for the player a thing of the past. This concept enables the creation of a "Denon Disk", one drive that can be connected to the player or used for collection management in Engine Prime.

The DeCU software suite gives you all tools to create and maintain such a Denon Disk from your existing Rekordbox, Traktor or Cross DJ collection. With no manual labor at all and no need to spend any time in Engine Prime. The Denon Drive will be an identical representation of your Rekordbox, Cross DJ or Traktor collection.
The combination of CBT and DeCU is a sync manager from Rekordbox to Prime.

It is demonstrated in this video:

Known limitations
DeCU only works on UTF8 character sets. Extended characters sets in UTF16 are not supported.

Download the manual:
DeCU can do a lot of different things for a lot of different workflows. The most used workflows are explained in great detail in the manual.

Youtube video playlists.
The inner workings of the Denon Prime ecosystem from a technical/collection management and storage point of view. This playlist contains vital knowledge for each Denon Prime user, not just the DeCU users

Step by step tutorials about how to use DeCU and it’s companion apps
Both video playlists are actively maintained. I’ll edit or add videos to them on a need to base. 

Stay informed about all things DeCU and all my other DJ specific apps, subscribe to my YouTube channel.
If you think the video’s are helpful then I appreciate a thumbs up. If you think there are subjects about either DeCU or Engine prime that are not entirely clear, feel free to contact me.


  • MacOS only (no refund to windows users who accidently buy this app!)

  • fully compatible with MacOS from version 10.9 upto to MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

  • fully compatible with Rekordbox 5.2

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