Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU) from Pioneer's Rekordbox to Denon's Engine Prime

Current version 1.0651 as of June 25th 2017
Windows users read on! I have a solution for you.

the Manual is done and free for all to download at:

English is not my native language, so if anyone feels compelled to correct my gammer and phrasing then I invite them to do so.

With a special introduction price for the early adopters.
Untill July 1st 2017 the price will be US$ 27,95 after that it will become US$ 34,95.
The Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU). Converting all cues, loops and playlists from Pioneer's Rekordbox to Engine Prime. 

See the demonstrations at:
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DeCU can operate from 2 different Rekordbox sources

  • A Rekordbox prepared USB thumb drive

  • The exported Rekordbox collection 

A Rekordbox USB as a source

  • That USB remains fully compatible with Pioneer 

  • The track files will be on that usb only once, DeCU uses the same tracks as Rekordbox does.

  • The conversion can be done on any random Mac(book) as long as it got Engine Prime installed. In case of emergency when you are at a venue expecting Pioneer gear but running into SC5000's. Just find a MacBook, download the free Engine Prime from Denon's website and run DeCU on your CDJ usb's. You can even do this on someone else's Mac(Book(Pro)). The converted data will not become part of the host computer you run the DeCU on, it becomes part of USB thumb drive.

  • The conversion does not convert any playlists on the USB, it will create DeCU specific playlists for easy navigation.

  • DeCU checks the validity of the USB thumb drive for usage on both Denon and Pioneer hardware. It goes beyond checking the format of the drive and will also warn you if it's not an MBR partitioning scheme as well.

The exported Rekordbox collection as a source

  • DeCU will not interferer with any existing cues/loops in Rekordbox, they remain 100% where they are.

  • All playlist including the nesting structure are converted to crates in Engine Prime

  • The Conversion can be run partially, you can convert playlist by playlist and then first confirm that things are as expected before continuing.

At this moment DeCU is your only option to get fully structured playlists inside Engine Prime <period!. The iTunes integration of Engine Prime is badly implemented, it often leaves tracks out of playlists and does not support any nesting. I strongly recommend you take your playlists from iTunes to Rekordbox (using Rekordbox's sync manager) and then convert them from Rekordbox to Engine Prime using the Denon Conversion Utility.

Known limitations

  • DeCU uses the Serato database and tagging scheme as a transmission mechanism. Because Denon until now refuses to share the encryption of the cue/loop and beatgrid data. If Denon ever decides to share this information with me in either a blackbox or some other method I can drop the Serato bridge entirely and the process will be much faster and smoother. 

  • Existing Serato collections are moved to a safe location before the conversion starts. DeCU does not interfere with it. However for getting the cue/loop data inside the track DeCU has to write directly to that track's file. Meaning that all modification times/dates of your tracks will change. We did our best to make this process as safe as possible, but make sure you got a backup of your audio collection just in case.

  • DeCU does not operate on tracks that are wav or have some kind of DRM in them (=bought on iTunes). DeCU has to write to the track's file and wav does not support tagging (officially) and DRM tracks have their metadata locked. Again if I can write to the database directly this is resolved.

  • At higher BPM values some drift of both the cues/loops and the grid may occur. This is an omission of Rekordbox actually. I can easily demonstrate it. Take a Drum 'n Bass track (174BPM) in Traktor Pro and set its cues,loops and grid perfectly aligned. Convert that data to Rekordbox using The DJ Conversion Utility. The data will appear to be drifted when loaded in a Rekordbox deck. Then convert that "wrong" looking data from Rekordbox to Engine Prime and things are fine again. I'm looking into developing some kind of compensation method for this.

What about the price compared to that of my other utilities? 
Both the Traktor Tag Sync Utility and the DJ Conversion Utility (almost 1000 copies sold!) originated from things that I developed out of my own need. They are the result of years of in house development.I released them because some of my fellow DJ's heard about the apps and wanted to use them to. I don't need the app business as an income stream so I put some kind of barrier to entry price on it.
The Denon Conversion Utility was written from the ground up, based on my personal enthusiasm about the SC5000's capabilities and a vague understanding I thought I had with Denon DJ. The understanding came down to "we will consider to aid you if you develop it". So I made them a proposal, wrote a proof of concept, asked for a beta releases of Engine Prime, asked for specific technical info. None of that ever got a response with content other then the occasional "carry on", they were/are friendly just without any actionable info. 
I had to wait for Engine Prime to come out to find out how it functions and I had to buy my own Prime setup at retail to test and develop DeCU. My local supplier of DJ gear was willing to help me out as much as they could.
Again I dont need to get rich from app development but I don't want to lose money on it either. So  that, combined with the small installed base of the Denon Prime gear forced me to put this price on it. 
US$ 34,95 is still a bargain tho if you look at the amount of time it can safe you :)

And to compensate for any inconveniences early adopters are likely to encounter I made the introduction price US$ 27,95

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So you are on Windows?
You'll need the following:

-A copy of the Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU)
-External hard drive/ssd/thumb drive 
-Someone willing to let you use his/her's Mac.
-Engine Prime (EP) installed on that Mac during the procedure

The host Mac stays clear of any EP data nor will there be any track files on it. You can even do this on a fellow DJ's Mac who uses EP. There will be NO merging or conflict of EP data.

I show the procedure at:

After following this procedure that drive will have all your cues, loops and playlists in Engine Prime identical to how they are in your (Windows!) version of Rekordbox.
That drive can be used with Engine Prime on both MacOS and Windows. It can also be plugged directly into a SC5000 and will have the playlists cues etc on there.
Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU) from Pioneer's Rekordbox to Denon's Engine Prime
.ZIP file (11.3MB)
Total price:
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