177 : Miss Black Mamba and the Lancia Prisma - Chapter 1 the Cranking

Miss Black Mamba is picking up her drunk boyfriend from the pub. He wants to go back home and she desperately wants too, because it is so hot and she can't stand this hot temperature!

It's so hot that there shouldn't be problems in starting the car, should it?

So dressed in a total white, she gets in her Lancia Prisma, turns the key, dreaming about the air conditioning turn on...

But the car is rebelling! It doesn't want to start!

She now has to fight against the car to make it start, and against her boyfriend who pledges the car to start soon and gives her instructions on how to start it! She tries everything, from pumping the pedals to keep the gas steady open, but nothing happens!

After a few minutes, the battery drained! So they have to connect a booster to try again...

She tries, and tries, she pledges the car to start, she gets frustrated, but then, after a long cranking, the engine gets back to life!
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