Saturday AM #45 (includes Saturday PLUS #17)

Saturday AM IS BACK and we're bringing a MASSIVE TREASURE CHEST OF AWESOME COMICS as we reach the finale of our 1st season of 2016 (issues 41-45).We start off with both a gorgeous cover featuring Sano of APPLE BLACK as well as a whole new installment of manga webcomics' most popular series! Whyt Manga is killing it but it gets better when you consider that Saturday AM has some of the hottest up and coming creators online.ISLANDERS by Leonardo Massip continues with more background on the Old Man and his friend/ rival LIvan as well as the fates of Sappho, Turbino and Coco are coming under threat by the small time gang of Tyler, Skippy and Kick.MONSTER SOCIETY OF AMERICA by Jones and superstar in waiting, Christopher Krady-- continues as this anti-Harry Potter school of juvenile delinquents deals with threats from both within the school and outside.Furthermore, we have a fantastic interview with ELISE KOVA of Anime Addicts Anonymous who aside from being an awesome host of a popular podcast is the author of a line of gorgeous YA Novels called Air Awakens! Read the interview to learn how she does it!Finally, this issue finishes with another ISSUE of our sister publication -- SATURDAY PLUS!!#17 includes some of the amazing amateur talent from our own community called PILOT Manga and here you can check out BETTER OFF IGNORANT (finale); LAWS; HOLLOW MAN and the debut of MONSTER BLUE!So, that's a LOT of comics for just $1.99! Stop messing around and BUY, READ and TALK about this!!We'll be back with our COUNTDOWN to ISSUE 50 (issue 46) on May 7th.
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