Kat's Extreme Bob Haircut - VOD video download

A brunette, just past the shoulder-length haired Kat stops by Carmen's Salon in Columbia Heights for a bleaching and an extreme bob haircut to look fashionable for spring. Caped in a pink nylon cape with a sheer plastic cape on stop, Kat discusses what she wants, and even shows the stylist photos in a hair magazine of what she wants. After Kat's hair is sectioned off, the stylist wraps a towel around Kat's shoulders. (Because the bleaching process takes a very long time, the entire bleaching has been edited out). Video fades to see a blonde Kat sitting in the chair. Carmen begins cutting Kat's wet hair using a scissors and a comb. Soon hair piles up on the towel, cape, and floor. A clippers is used to clean up the nape and to cut the hair too.

At various times, Kat requests that the bob go shorter and shorter. Around the 30-minute mark, Kat asks to have the towel removed because the little cut hairs were irritating her. At one hour and 16 minutes, the sheer cape is removed. The hair cutting with the scissor and clippers continues, with Kat making the stylist nervous about cutting her hair even more drastic. Around one hour and 38 minutes, the pink cape comes off so Kat can dust herself. Carmen wraps a neck strip around Kat's neck and covers her with a blue plastic sheer cape, to finish the haircutting. There is lot of split screen and some picture-in-picture video, to try to capture as much as possible. screen size: 720x480
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