Radionic Booster Extreme

Not to toot my own horn but, this is by far the greatest all round magickal tool I have ever produced.

A tool with endless possibilities:
  • Enhance your hypnosis tracks.
  • Boost any and all radionics devices.
  • Boost the efficiency of your radionics software.
  • Give any Sigil a kick in the pants.
  • Use audio spells without the need for an external chi-gen

And that barely even scratches the surface of what this magickal tool is capable of.
The perfect tool for anyone without a chi-gen.

The Booster has 3 versions, each one has a greater intensity of energy than the one before.
Why does it have 3 different versions?

That’s just me being thorough, there are many tools available and not all will respond the same way to the boosters. Having a variety gives you the option of testing which one works best for you.

The Booster comes with a short manual giving various methods to use them.

All my products are tested by practitioners whose opinions I value. Excluding myself, I had 5 practitioners (2 that practice traditional magick, 1 energy healer and 2 radionics practitioners). For this project I added an additional radionics practitioner to increase the test pool.

All my products contains energetic programing that protects it from unauthorized use.

Discounts for previous customers, based on products owned.

Self-improvement set = 5% off
love&lust = 10% off
Astro Caster System = 20% off
Self-improvement set + love&lust = 20% off
Astro Caster System + love&lust or Self-improvement set = 30% off

Contact me for the discount code.
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