Jamie's Peekaboo Haircut and Trim - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Blonde Jamie takes a seat in the barber chair after her friend step out of it. After she saw the amazing haircut that Staci received, she wanted a haircut too. Jamie gives an interview about her past haircuts, including a head shave. She plays with her hair for a bit too. Next, the stylist, James William, talks to her about how he is going to cut her hair. Now it's time for the haircut. Jamie walks through the door wearing 1940's vintage Red Cross high heels, a short leather skirt, and a conservative blouse. James helps her into a wine colored hair dressing gown, and then Jamie sits down in the 1920's barber chair. Jamie's hair is clipped up, a neck strip wrapped around her neck, her hair released, the haircut described one last time, the chair brought down, and the station lid opened for a shampoo and rinse. (You'll see a blonde Kat walking around at times, dressed all in black. She, too, is wearing a short black leather skirt). With the barber chair pumped back up, Jamie's hair is briefly towel dried to remove the excess water, and her hair is gently combed out with a wide tooth comb. After awhile, James brings out a long black comb to further the smoothness of the combing of the hair and then he begins to trim the ends (about 1.5" cut off) with a scissors. A safety razor slices through the hair to create fringe. Jamie's hair is then blow dried before her hair is combed into a section, so that her nape and part of the back of her head is buzzed with a guard. Once the bulk of that hair is dropped into Jamie's lap, a scissor cuts the hair over the black comb. James uses a portable clippers on Jamie's nape. When finished, Jamie is dusted with a pink duster to remove all the shorn hairs. James brings out the blow dryer again to completely dry Jamie's hair. Afterwards, Jamie is ready to show off her new look...complete with ponytail. The furnace does run in the background. That is the white noise that you hear. Duration 54 minutes, screen size: 720x48, format .wmv
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