CMGT 441 Complete Course

Product DescriptionCMGT 441 Complete Course   CMGT 441 Week 1 DQ 1,Discuss what makes a successful information security awareness program and how a security awareness program can be one of an organization’s most powerful protection strategies,CMGT 441 Week 1 DQ 2,As you know, every company should have some security standards and policies.  What are some of the policies that your company has to protect its system and data?,CMGT 441 Week 2 DQ 1,What’s data value mean?  How does a company determine its data value and based on what factors/aspects?,CMGT 441 Week 2 DQ 2,What are some of the security areas that need to be protected?  How does the security toolbox concept relate to them?,CMGT 441 Week 2 Individual Assignment Information Security Paper,Evaluative Writing Paper – Using various Internet sources, find an article or website on an information security topic that is of interest to you. Prepare a 1-2 page paper evaluating the article or website. Refer to the note on Evaluative Writing below., Evaluative Writing—requires students to take a stand on the quality of the material being evaluated. Provide an introduction, and select various aspects of the article or website. Describe each aspect, providing comments on the usefulness, validity or appropriateness of the article or website. The evaluation should provide details, examples and/or reasons for your viewpoint., Please follow APA formatting guidelines,CMGT 441 Week 3 DQ 1,Mention some of the technologies that are used by businesses to protect their data?,CMGT 441 Week 3 DQ 2,What do you think of e-mail observation by companies on their employee’s communication?  Is this considered an invasion of an employee’s privacy?,CMGT 441 Week 3 Individual Assignment Attack Prevention Paper,Attack Prevention Paper – Using various Internet sources, find an article or website on attack prevention. Prepare a 2-3 page paper evaluating the article and information provided., Please follow APA formatting guidelines.CMGT 441 Week 4 DQ 1,As hackers keep thinking of new ways to attack systems, what are some of the tools that you would (or are) taking to protect your system?,CMGT 441 Week 4 DQ 2,As hackers keep thinking of new ways to attack systems, what are some of the tools and techniques that experts believe will keep the government on the cutting edge of security?, CMGT 441 Week 4 Individual Assignment McBride Financial Services Paper,McBride Financial Services Paper – Createand submit a 2-3 page security policy for McBride Financial Services, located in the Virtual Organizations. Develop a policy based on perceived needs associated within the loan department and issues in implementing online loan applications.,Please follow APA formatting guidelines.,CMGT 441 Week 5 DQ 1,Every business may have internal and external security threats.  What are some of the internal security concerns that a company can face and why are they greater than the threats from the outside?,CMGT 441 Week 5 LTB Information Systems Security Review Paper,Finalize and submit an 8-10 page Learning Team paper., Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation., Please follow APA formatting guidelines., 
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