2001 Season (PDF)

The 2001 season is now available for Deep Drive Baseball!

Championship Series: Arizona defeated New York (A)
Most Valuable Players: Barry Bonds (SFG) and Ichiro Suzuki (SEA)
Cy Young: Randy Johnson (ARI) and Roger Clemens (NYY)

This ZIP file contains everything you need to play with teams from the 2001 season:

  • Cards for every player who made an appearance, broken out into sub-folders to fit your level of play: a "Regular" folder that will give you almost every player for a replay and an "Extras" folder that contains everything you'll need for full season as-played replays.

  • The season handbook, including every chart you'll need for the year: defensive charts, on-base events, stolen bases, injuries and more!

  • The latest versions of the rules and odd plays.

Note that this does not include dice required for play. The game is currently available for download only. You will need 3 10-sided dice to play Deep Drive Baseball.

Cards formatted for Rulebook version 1.6.0
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