Le Petit Prince Language Teaching Resource Pack for Upper KS2 / Lower KS3 French

This full colour 88 page French teaching resource pack was written by well known languages teacher and trainer Suzi Bewell with the aim of providing culturally-relevant, age-appropriate and fully differentiated activities (Bronze, Silver, Gold) based on the world famous French classic, le Petit Prince. The pack is divided into three clear sections – the book, the film and the theme park – and also contains a section at the back giving additional useful links. The pack contains translation activities, authentic listening, reading and speaking tasks and creative writing activities and has been written with the new National Curriculum for Languages at KS2 and KS3 in mind. Please feel free to share the contents of this pack with fellow MFL colleagues within your teaching institution but note that the contents remain the intellectual property of the author, Suzi Bewell. Kindly DO NOT share this resource pack more widely via electronic or other means. Big thanks go to Christel Grandemange, Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings and Nadine Chadier for their kind help in proof reading this pack and offering their support and encouragement.

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