Northern-Grit Instrumentals

Grab your microphone and let your feelings flow through because these Instrumentals combined with the right MC are destined to be turned into modern day classics. Northern-Grit Instrumentals will allow any MC to produce emotionally charged songs with that powerful gritty and grimy northern hip-hop feel. These intense instrumentals are a result of years of production being extensively produced on the highest possible level by Yo Minus Productions. Consisting of 26 Instrumentals with many containing infectious hooks are all recorded at 16 bit 44.1 kHz (CD Quality) and available in both MP3 and Wav format. Northern Grit Instrumentals span a wide range of genres including: hip-hop, edm, pop, electro, gangsta, new-school & more! This library is an excellent source of inspiration for songwriters as well as an ideal solution for dubbing and advertisement. All these Instrumentals can be used in your songs/albums/mix-tapes and other productions royalty free meaning unlimited sales and profit! ***We only ask that you must give credit to Yo Minus in your credits as outlined here:

 ***If you are a beatmaker and wish to use these instrumentals in your own productions, then you need to sign up for an Airbit account here: and add YoMinus as a co-producer for the beats you have used our instrumentals/samples with! For more information on how to set this up in your Airbit account please visit the link below:
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