CJA 304 Week 2 Police Report Assignment

CJA 304 Week 2 Police Report Assignment

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 CJA 304 Week 2 Police Report Assignment

Perform an Internet search for one of the following:




Mullenix v. Beatrice Luna court case


Virginia v. Moore court case


A court case similar to those listed above


You may complete a general search, or search specific websites, such as the site for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Identify the types of ethical, written, and oral communication presented in the case.

Discuss the various guidelines for each type of communication presented in the case with your team. Consider communication types for the prosecution, defense, witnesses, and the judge(s).

Imagine you are the investigating officer for your chosen case.

Write an arrest-and-incident police report using the specified guidelines and parameters for report writing, as outlined in this week’s assigned readings and multimedia resources.

Include the following:




The report must be factual, accurate, objective, and complete.


Ensure that the police report is as long as is necessary and that it is written to be concise, clear, and mechanically correct.


Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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