Linde Container Handler Type 356: C360, C400 Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Container Handler Type 356.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 127 Pages
Language: English


   Approved Applications 
   Technical Note 
   Truck takeover 
   Driving Cab, Access Covers and Doors 
   Drive Axle 
   Steer Axle 
   Braking System 
   Working and Steering Hydraulics 
   Mast and Gantry 
   Container Handler 
   Driving Cab, controls, Switches and Instruments 
   Electrical System and Electrical equipment 
   Safety Systems and Shut Down Devices 
   Left Hand Panel (LHP) 
   Right Hand Panel (RHP) 
   Steering Column (SC) 
   Drivers Control Centre (DCC) 
   Twistlock Indicators (TI) 
   Cab Rear Bulkhead (CRB) 
   Function Monitored 
   Possible fault(s) 
   Function Monitored 
   Possible fault(s) 
Beginning operation 
   Safety Precautions 
   Handling Fuel, Lubricants and Coolant 
   Accident prevention check 
   Operation of container handlers in the plant area 
   Diesel engine emissions 
   Running-in Instructions 
   Checks and services prior to initial operation 
   Daily checks and services 
   Opening the cabin door from the outside 
   Opening the cabin from the inside 
   Securing the open cabin door 
   Cab Drivers Door - Closing 
   Closing the bonnet 
   Opening the bonnet 
   Closing the transmission cover 
   Opening the transmission cover 
   Opening the centre transmission cover 
   Closing the centre transmission cover 
   Opening the cabin rear compartment door 
   Closing the cabin rear compartment door 
   Opening the working hydraulic
   system oil tank cover 
   Closing the working hydraulic system oil tank cover 
   Opening the brake hydraulic system oil tank cover 
   Closing the brake hydraulic system oil tank cover 
   Opening the battery and air filter compartment door 
   Closing the battery and air filter compartment door 
   Opening the radiator grille 
   Closing the radiator grille 
   Check tyre condition and pressure 
   Tyre Specifications - Drive and Steer Axle 
   Tighten Wheel Nuts 
   Check working hydraulic system oil level 
   Check Brake Hydraulic System Oil Level 
   Check Battery condition
   Check coolant level in radiator header tank 
   Checks and tasks 
   Check Engine Oil Level 
   Check windscreen washer reservoir fluid level 
   Check Fuel Level
   Adding Fuel 
   Check the transmission oil level 
   Checking the handler for visible damage 
   Checking the twistlocks and warning lights for proper operation 
   Adjusting the drivers seat 
   Setting the drivers weight 
   Adjusting the seat position 
   Checks and tasks 
   Setting the seat height 
   To raise the seat cushion: 
   To lower the seat cushion: 
   Adjusting the seat cushion angle
   Adjusting the seat backrest angle 
   Engine Start/Run Inhibit System 
   Starting the Engine 
   Cold Start 
   Stopping the Engine 
   Malfunctions during operation 
   Transmission fault indications 
   Electronic gear shift control 
   Selecting the travel direction 
   Forward travel 
   Moving off 
   Slowing down and stopping 
   Manual 1st gear selection when stopped 
   To select forward 1st gear 
   To select reverse 1st gear 
   Preselection of 1st gear when travelling 
   Stopping the truck 
   Operating the transmission dump pedal 
   Service Brake 
   Parking Brake 
   Interior light 
   Turning on the lights 
   Turning on the working lights on the mast 
   Turning on the turn indicator lights 
   To Operate the Horn 
   To Operate the Front Windscreen Wiper 
   To Operate the Front Windscreen Washer 
   To Operate Rear Screen Wiper and Washer 
   To Operate Top Screen Wiper and Washer 
   To Operate the Ventilation and Heater System 
   Climate control 
   Operating the hazard warning lights 
   Mast and handler controls 
   Central Control Lever (joystick) 
   To Lift the Handler 
   To Lower the Handler 
   Tilting the mast back 
   To Tilt the Handler Forwards 
   Operating the sideshift 
   To Sideshift Left 
   To Sideshift Right 
   Slewing the Handler 
   To Slew In Left 
   To Slew Out Left 
   To Slew In Right 
   To Slew Out Right 
   Reaching the handler out 
   Reaching the handler in 
   Operating the beam spreader 
   To Open the Beam Locks 
   To Close the Beam Locks 
   Opening the beam spreader to container width 40 ft 
   Opening the beam spreader to container width 20 ft 
   Operating the twistlocks 
   Locking the twistlocks 
   Unlocking the twistlocks 
   Operating the twistlock override 
   Before lifting a load 
   Picking up a container 
   Travelling with loads 
   Depositing the load 
   Parking the truck 
   Trailer coupling 
   Jack locations for Changing Wheels 
   Wheel Changing 
   To Remove a Wheel 
   Wheel mounting 
   Towing Procedure 
   Releasing the parking brake 
   Removing the propeller shaft 
   After Towing and Repair 
   Resetting the parking brake 
   Refitting the propeller shaft 
   Hoisting the truck 
   Handler removal 
   Measures before taking the truck out of operation 
   Putting the truck back into operation 
   General information 
   Work on the mast, handler and the front part of
   the truck 
   Securing mast against tilting back 
   Securing the raised mast 
   Checks and maintenance work after the first
   50 service hours 
   Inspection and maintenance chart 
   Inspection and maintenance
   as required 
   Clean the truck 
   Clean and spray the lift chains 
   Tighten the wheel nuts 
   Check the tyres for damage and foreign objects 
   Check the battery condition 
   Drain the fuel filter 
   Prime the fuel system 
   Check the air filter 
   Renew the safety element 
   Clean the radiator and oil cooler, check for leaks 
   Check the steering lock 
   Check the central lubrication lubricating points 
   Fill central lubrication canister with grease 
500-hour inspection and maintenance 
   Clean and lubricate steer axle, check the mounting 
   Check and lubricate the drive shaft 
   Check and lubricate the mast and tilt cylinder pivot pins  
   Check and tension V-belt drives  
   Coolant pump drive  
   Alternator drive  
   Check and lubricate the mast main and side thrust bearings  
   Check the condition and security of the lift chains  
   Check and lubricate gantry main and side thrust bearings  
   Check and adjust the lift chain length and lubricate with chain spray  
   Check the hydraulic system, pumps, valves and lines  
   Check electric cables, connectors and connections for condition and tightness  
   Check and lubricate the twistlocks  
   Check the drive axle mounting  
   Check the drive axle centre differential oil level  
   Check the drive axle hub differential oil level  
   Change transmission oil filter canisters 
   Change the engine oil 
   Change the engine oil filter canisters 
   Renew the fuel filter canister 
   Check mounting of turbocharger intake pipe 
   Check the front of the cab mountings 
   Check the rear cab mountings 
   Check and lubricate the handler sliding bearings 
   Lubricate the locking cylinder pin on the handler 
   Check and lubricate the handler suspension and hydraulic cylinder bearings 
1000-hour inspection and maintenance
   Renew the working hydraulic system oil suction filters 
   Check and clean the climate control filter element 
   Renew the brake hydraulic system oil suction filter 
   Change the air filter element Check the vacuum switch 
   Renew the brake hydraulic system oil pressure filter 
   Check the engine mountings 
   Check transmission mountings 
   Renew the transmission oil and clean the filter screen 
   Check the injection nozzles 
   Check valve clearances
   Check the cooling system for leaks and tightness 
   Check the parking brake condition and mounting 
   Check and lubricate handler extension cylinder bearing pads 
   Check the intake and exhaust systems for leaks and tightness 
2000-hour inspection and maintenance
   Change the drive axle centre differential oil 
   Change drive axle hub differential oil 
   Renew engine coolant 
   Check and adjust hub bearings 
3000-hour inspection and maintenance
   Check condition of mast, handler, gantry and mountings 
   Renew the brake hydraulic system oil 
   Check, renew hydraulic oil of working
   hydraulic system
   General overall check 
   Renew the air filter safety element 
   5000-hour inspection and maintenance
   Renew the twistlocks 
   Check the brake disc wear 
6000-hour inspection and maintenance
   Check the vibration damper 
   Check the fan drive idler pulley assy 
   Fan hud belt driven 
   Flush the cooling system 
   Check the turbocharger 
   Renewing the lift chains 
   Inspection and maintenance data 
   Fuel and oil recommendations 
Circuit diagrams 
Alphabetical index  
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