HEALING PSYCHE, MIND BODY for your Union Parts 1 & 2©


Hello!  Many People are becoming aware of their intense Ascension Symptoms as well as the Mental and Emotional connections.   These Realizations are bringing it to a point that you may now be at, which is to alleviate the Main Core Issues of the Psyche, the Soma, and the Ego-Mind.   Another aspect which you will be increasingly aware of is that while you may not feel you have certain Issues, Your Twin Flame may be struggling with issues.   You will no longer be able to separate their issues from yourself as you will entirely feel the effects and usually very physically intense.  Nothing is intended to be hidden, its now Full transparency and Transcendence.  When you participate you will not only get the understandings important to move forward and continue to come together while gradually and eventually living together with each other in FULL HARMONY!

Much will be accomplished during this Two Part Webinar which will include additional Support Material as well as Guided Meditations for full removal.   So whether you consider the core effects which you or your Twin Flame have been coping with through Addictions,  Pain, or feeling it from your Twin Flame,   you will decidedly benefit from this Webinar.   Many people who will be expected to meet again can benefit as 2017 promises to be unprecedented in numbers of People becoming aware, Awakening and Fully understanding through feeling yet sometimes without context.   People who've been aware of being Gifted, Sensitive, Psychic, are about to find out that their Gifts are the Result of WHO THEY ARE and not necessarily a separate thing!