ACC 210 Week 5 Cybercrime Presentation

ACC 210 Week 5 Cybercrime Presentation

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 ACC 210 Week 5 Cybercrime Presentation

Mayfield Electronics, Inc., an international company, has asked your accounting firm to share with its employees the threat of cybercrime and how the company can protect itself corporately as well as individual employees.

Produce a 16- to 24-slide presentation in which you discuss the following:




Cybercrime and fraud.


Proper controls and procedures to prevent such attacks.


Ways to encourage ethical behavior within the company.


Two examples to help employees understand the growing need for security.


Add accompanying speaker notes under each slide to further explain the topic incorporating information from the Cybersecurity video you watched.

Cite at least two sources in your presentation. Include a reference slide.

Format your submission consistent with APA guidelines.

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