Properloop 2X

New in Properloop 2X
-Timestretching now works the way it is supposed to.  Achieve original pitch of loop.
-Updated mixer and fx system for improved performance and less convoluted presetting
-Step locks...lock steps into place and exclude them from randomization
-Overall better performance
-Tidied up interface!

USE ABLETON'S INFO VIEW!!! All the answers are there!

New in Properloop 2.0:

-Much improved visual interface.
-Move offsets of loop starts.
-Less convoluted and much more flexible effects system
-Easy to use global preset system

Use the "Info" view in Live for quick and easy learning of what each component does
Grid Sequencer

The grid is set on 2 bars.  Any loops loaded that are 1 bar are visually duplicated to 2.  You can access other parts of larger loops by adjusting the loop offsets.

The grid can move forward, backward and random where it plays the actual positions of the loop.

You can divide the 2 bars of the grid into 1/32, 1/16,1/8, and 1/4 step lengths.

Use the loop brackets at the top of the grid to focus on a smaller segment of the grid.

With the mixer you can obviously adjust individual loop levels.  You can also add 2 FX to each loop routed in any order you want. 

Randomization allows you to include/exclude any FX for slot 1 or 2 of each loop. 

All FX settings in the FX section are global.

Preset System
The preset system can be seen on the very left side of the main sequencer window.  Each preset contains almost all information.  (Sequences, playback directions, fx routings, loop offsets, etc. etc.) 

Make sure you store your presets as you move along.  Example:  If you are working on preset 1, and everything is where you like it, click the red "Store Current Sequence" button.  A toggle next to the number 1 preset will light up white letting you know the settings have been stored.  You can of course change and overwrite the preset at any time.

You can also trigger presets using MIDI.  C2-D#3 trigger presets 1-16. E3 kills output of properloop.  You can use midi clips in ableton to creatively trigger the presets, freeze the track and then bounce the mixed audio to a straight audio clip.

Seeking User Feedback On Automation
As of right now, there is no automation available other than the ability to trigger presets through midi.  I want to make this available, but I would like user feedback on what you would all like to be able to have control over.

In a future update, I will try to make these requests accessible through a system that is easy to use and understand.
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