Paint Job Estimator Solution

Paint Job Estimator Scenario

 A painting company has determined that for every 115 square feet of wall space, one gallon of paint and eight hours of labor are required. The company charges $18.00 per hour for labor. They would like an application that allows the user to enter the number of rooms to be painted and the price of the paint per gallon.

The application should use input boxes to ask the user for the square feet of wall space in each room. It should then display the following information

The number of gallons of paint required

 The hours of labor required

The cost of the paint The labor charges

 The total cost of the paint job

 Input validation: Do not accept a value less than 1 for the number of rooms. Do not accept a value less than $10.00 for the price of paint. Do not accept a negative value for the square footage of wall space


This lesson focused on two types of procedures, the Sub procedure and the Function procedure. You also had some exposure to passing variables by value and passing variables by reference in the tutorial programs you coded

1.From the scenario above, select one task that needs to be completed

2. For the task you select, indicate whether you would you use a Function procedure or a Sub procedure a. Describe what the procedure should accomplish, and

b. whether you would pass variables by value or by reference

 3. Explain why you chose to use a Function or a Sub and why you chose to pass variables either ByRef or ByVal
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