a program simulating the operation of toll booths on a highway

Design a program simulating the operation of toll booths on a highway. The toll consists of five booths, and that the Time Needed The charge the user is distributed evenly, this being between 15 and 30 seconds booths 1 and 2, between 15 and 45 seconds for cabins 3 and 4, and 30 to 60 Seconds to 5. The cars arrive at the cabin toll to a distribution agreement exponential, with a mean time between arrivals tc seconds, this being a value to set in the simulation in order to be able to represent different situations of traffic. Each cabin has a different toll tail when a car reaches the toll Joins randomized to one of three queues with fewer cars shape, with a probability of 0.6 (The shortest), 0.3 (shortest Second) and 0.1 (the shortest Third). The program should simulate the toll for three hours (10800 seconds) and get the average time (in seconds) to wait (including time of collection) and length (number Car) Maximum tail in each of the cabins, the average waiting time at the toll and the total number of cars served.

Cabina class
Controlador class
Orden class
Peaje class
Reloj class
Simulador class
Trafico class
Vehiculo class

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