MEGA Transition/Plugin Bundle - Final Cut Pro X

Simple and easy to use transitions for Final Cut Pro X.

Over 70 transitions!
4 Title Plugins
Adjustment Layer
Motion Blur Plugin

You will get the:


- Fast Pan Transition Pack
- 3D Luma Fade Transitions
- Wavy Transition Pack
- Smooth Zoom Transition Pack (Transition Plugin Version)
- Timewarp Transition Pack
- Rollworld Transition Pack
- Smooth Slide Pack
- TV Glitch Pack
- Glitch Transition Pack
- Spin Transition Pack
- Twirl Transition Pack
- Liqeufy Transitions Pack


- Instagram Tag
- Sam Kolder My Year Title
- Chainsmokers Titles
- Jon Olsen Lower Third


- Motion Blur Plugin (Title)
- Adjustment Layer Plugin (Title)

Heres a TUTORIAL on how to use and customise the transitions.

Heres a TUTORIAL on how to install transitions to FCPX

System Requirements:

- FCP X 10.2.1 or above
- *FCP X 10.3.1 or above for 3D luma fade transition

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