CJA 354 Entire Course All DQs

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CJA 354 Entire Course All DQs

DQ 1--Week 1

What is the
definition of Criminal Law? How does criminal law apply to the overall process
of criminal justice? How can we improve the backlog of criminal law cases that
have flooded the criminal justice court system? Explain.


DQ 2--Week 1

What is the
relationship of the various jurisdictions (local, state, federal) as applied to
criminal law? Give an example of jurisdiction regarding the enforcement of
criminal law. What would happen if jurisdiction was not clearly defined?


DQ 3--Week 1

What are the two
standards of proof in criminal cases, in your own words? What is the
relationship between standards of proof in criminal justice cases and the
adversarial system? What would happen if the standards of proof were not
included as part of the adversarial system? Explain.


DQ 1--Week 2

What is an example
of a defense to criminal liability? How do defenses to criminal liability
differ from other criminal defenses? Explain. Is there a better solution to the
way in which criminal liability is defended from a legal standpoint? Explain.


DQ 2--Week 2

What is an example
of mental illness? How does the defense of mentally ill impact the legal system
and the criminal justice system as a whole? Compare and contrast the
differences between legal and medical perspectives on mental illness and
insanity, using your own words.


DQ 3--Week 2

Before sending in
troops in 2003, former President George W. Bush claimed that we were compelled
to attack Iraq under a theory of self-defense. Review the Model Penal Code
definition of self-defense. Do you agree with former President Bush’s
assessment in this regard?


DQ 1--Week 3

When Jurisdiction
X’s first-degree murder statute lists these 3 elements to be proven for a first
degree murder charge: “willful, deliberate and premeditated”, does Jurisdiction
X's statute require something more than that the killing just be intentional?

Yes or No? Then
explain your answer.


DQ 2--Week 3

Give an example of
false imprisonment. How does false imprisonment differ from kidnapping, in your
own words? From false arrest? What are examples of false arrest and kidnapping?


DQ 3--Week 3

It is often stated
that “Only persons you trust can embezzle from you.” Do you agree or disagree
with this statement? Explain your answer.


DQ 1--Week 4

What are “fighting
words” in your own words? How can fighting words be distinguished from
protected forms of speech?


DQ 2--Week 4

What is a public
order crime, in your own words? How do public order crimes differ from other
types of crime, as defined by the criminal justice system? How can we improve
the ways in which the criminal justice system helps to decrease the number of
public order crimes? Explain.


DQ 3--Week 4

Define lewdness.
How can the criminal justice system more effectively combat prostitution,
obscenity, and lewdness? What changes to law enforcement strategy would you


DQ 1--Week 5

Do you believe
that a victims’ rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution is needed to balance
the rights of crime victims with those of suspects? Why or why not?


DQ 2--Week 5

Should the death
penalty be abolished? Why or why not?


DQ 3--Week 5

Do you believe
that three-strikes laws can be an effective deterrent to crime? Why or why not?
Are three-strikes laws economically efficient? Why or why not?

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