Hardcore Jungle Footwork Beats (VOL 1)

To check out all the tracks for yourself, head on over to http://dynastyshit.bandcamp.com/album/jungle-footwork-beats-sample-pack

Ready to get fucking hardcore???

This package contains 29 samples in 24-bit ,WAV audio, all 160 BPM !

Combining the percussion and vibe of the chicago juke and footwork music scenes with the intensity and breakbeat sensibilities of jungle and drum'n'bass, there is nothing else out there quite like this sample pack. It stands alone.

Active in electronic music for over a decade, William Dunn (5ifty$ix K) has recently been putting out footwork jungle on his own record label, Dynasty Shit. Helping to pave the way for a new wave of electronic music, Will and Dynasty Shit have released music from artists such as Crypticz, DJ Manny, Ventah, Mark Kloud, KidLogic, the Big Bass Outlaws, Fractalstein, io include, and more.

He also created Juke Music Forum, and has helped pioneer the hardcore footwork jungle sound that's been starting to blow up lately! When he's not killing tracks and destroying stereos, he's creating unique audio sample packs, so that other producers can join in on the fun! With a unique business platform, Will created Bassadelic to be both a blog AND a resource for downloading sample packs, as well as a hub for video tutorials and miscellaneous rants about music. Not only was Bassadelic the first ever site to get an electro swing samples pack, it was also on one (if not the) first to host Afrcan kwaito beat packs, as well as cloud rap and breakcore sample packages.

Here, now, is another FIRST: a package of beats for electronic producers hoping to excel in the realm of hardcore electronic music. Namely, the massive jungle footwork scene; the most killinest, noise-bombinest, bass-straddling and exciting rave genre to emerge since the birth of techno!

released 09 October 2014

William Dunn (5ifty$ix K)
tags: electronic footwork jungle bass breakcore footwork juke jungle USA
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